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I am not a specialist in Searching Engine Optimization (SEO), but I searched for information which will help me get better Page Rank for I think that these few tips, which I found, will be good also for your website.

Short information about successful optimization you can find below:

1.       Use Keyword Tools like Google’s keyword tool to determine your best keywords

2.       Is good if keyword is in the URL, Title and Description of your webpage

3.       The more important keywords in your texts, the better for optimization. At least 5% of text should cover keywords. But you should think about your readers and write articles which will add value to them.

4.       Have great content for your readers:

a.       Write longer articles at least 500 words

b.      Write longer blog posts – at least 300 words

c.       Add e-books

d.      Add animation/cartoons

e.      Press releases

f.        Add videos

5.       When you are using keywords – add emphasis to them – bold, underline or italic text style.

6.       Unique content, unique title and description for each page is very important.

7.       Important is also to add new content on regular bases, like ones a week. Up date your site map every time you change content on your page.

8.       Add tags to non verbal content like pictures, movies.

9.       Inter-linking. Link relevant content on your webpage.

10.   Blog is doing well for optimization.

11.   Get back links. Back links are links from one site to your site. You can get it through:

a.        Good content. See tip number 4.

b.      Comment on Other blogs to establish a better relation ß in the future link sharing

c.       Add your blog URL on your another websites and blogs

d.      Add your blog URL to your social networking site profile pages

e.      Try to including “nofollow” attribute maximum in your blogroll and outgoing links.

f.        Be active in forums –tip number 12

g.       Publish articles in the internet – tip number 13.

12.   Join forums relevant to your website and put URL in your signature, if this is allowed. Put URL also in your profile. Write good posts – about 1-10. You can also establish your own forum.

13.   Write Articles and publish content in the internet. Include in the article one or two links to your website.

If you would like to be successful in getting your site better Page Rank your actions should be on regular bases and ongoing. If you want to achieve your goal, is good to start from two or 3 tips from above list. It is very important to use small steps technique. Thanks Kaizen you will have high motivation and enthusiasm and your SEO skills will be better and better.

SEO skills are very useful in order to achieve success in internet business.

Good luck


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