How to achieve goals? “Happy-making list”

People are thinking:”If I could have only nice car, house or money.” It is nice to have dreams, but how to achieve them.

Have you ever heard about visualization of your goals?

It seems to be an easy task. Just if you would like to have a house think about this domicile, you can help your self with picture of your dream residence. Put this image on your wall and watch it. Think about it. And when you will see such a real estate you will know “this is my future home”.

There is only one weak point. You should exactly know what you want.

What to do if you are not sure what kind of shape should have your future car or house?

1. You can watch yourself and think about your feelings. When you are at your friends how are your feelings about their house. How you feel there? What is making you happy, and what not?

2. If your flat is anything else but not your dreaming home, write a list with points making you unhappy.

3. When you have your”unhappy-making list” write antonym to each position. In this way you will build your “happy-making list”. How this list can look like? For example instead of “I do not like when toilette is near to the kitchen” write “Toilette should be far away from the kitchen”. Instead of “I do not like this dark colors” write “I like pastel colors and interior of my house should be bright”.

4. This list will support you to find the suitable picture.

Good luck

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